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Timeline of key South Africa COVID-19 related developments and Health Justice Initiative’s engagement with government on vaccine access for South Africa

This Vaccine Access timeline has been compiled by the Health Justice Initiative (HJI) with information currently in the public domain and contains approximate dates in some cases, references to public documents, media statements as well as declarations under oath (court papers). It contains certain, but not all key dates related to major international and local developments. It is not meant to be a comprehensive timeline of all of the global or local set of events related to Covid-19. It is however intended to illustrate the global and local context against which the HJI has sought to obtain information and answers to the pressing issue of timely vaccine access for all people in South Africa.

Note: Since the HJI’s launch in mid-2020, we have intervened as a friend of the court with Open Secrets (amicus) in two pandemic ‘price gouging’ matters in the Competition Appeal Court (Dischem/Babelegi); and referred a pricing inquiry with Ezintsha at WITS University on certain available treatments for severe cases of Covid-19 to the Competition Commission.

More information about these other matters is available at Health Justice Initiative.

For any material omissions or errors regarding this timeline, please notify us by email: [email protected]

Updated on 3 Dec – YN and MR  

– checked and edited 11 Dec FH 17h50  


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