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Podcast: Access


ACCESS is a special podcast series that started in 2020, and looks at the impact of Intellectual Property (IP), specifically patents, on accessing health care, in the context of COVID-19. In each episode we are joined by local and global experts to discuss and make sense of global developments that affect us locally, in South Africa. 

Access is brought to you by the HJI, is hosted by Fatima Hassan, and is produced by Volume  – in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Cape Town.
  • In Episode 1 we discuss medicine access – and the Intellectual Property (IP) barriers that prevent developing countries from accessing life-saving medicines, with reference to previous successes and challenges in the HIV/AIDS access to medicines movement. We also look at how the global patent regime can enable or block access to life-saving testing, vaccines and treatment for Covid-19. In episode 1, we are joined by three long-standing activists for affordable access to medicines: 

    1. Dr Els Torreele, who serves on the HJI’s Reference Advisory Group and is a Medical Innovation and Access Activist. She is the former director of MSF’s Medicine Access Campaign and writes extensively on patents and access. See website and Twitter handle.
    2. Tahir Amin, a lawyer and medicine access activist, and IP specialist, and co-founder / co-director of I-MAK. See website and Twitter handle.
    3. Professor Gregg Gonsalves, a longstanding HIV/AIDS activist and epidemiologist at Yale University, and co-director of the Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP) at Yale. See website and Twitter handle.